3 General Fitness Truths for Everyone Who Wants to be “More Fit”

...I want to tell you about the things I've learned that don't change depending on what movements you're doing or food you're eating. As much as fitness is about improving your physical health, it starts with mentality. Yes, workouts can be hard. Healthy food can be gross (I'm looking at you carrots)...


5 Artists You Need to Get on the Internet and Check Out RIGHT MEOW

... At this point, I'm literally just writing whatever comes to mind to keep you guys from posting negative comments on the million Instagram posts I'm putting up like a mom who just got back from her beach vacation with the fam.

Your Generation Did Stupid Shit Too: Why It’s Hypocritical to Judge Gen Z on the Laundry Pod Challenge

Here we are. It's 2018. I'm writing my first blog post, and kids are chomping on laundry pods like they're gummy bears.  Sure, the Tide pods look like the perfect combination of blue raspberry and orange that you (I) have been searching for in a gummy my entire life, but the temptation to eat one is alien, even for someone who eats tuna fish from the can. If we were looking